Second life

Lies and half-truths. A life in the shadows.

Excuses and fake alibis. A life of deception.

How long can you hide the truth? How long until it starts to show? Nobody but a handful know, but it's only a matter of time.

But there is the thrill, a sense of adventure that floods my senses. It is a burden, but also keeps me going. It became more like a game, a game of hide and seek, of laying low and pretending.

I had a few close calls. For a moment there I was almost exposed. That is a sign that this cannot go on much longer. But I don't need that much time, just a little, just enough.

Do I like the lies and half-truths? Do I enjoy making up excuses and coming up with fake alibis? Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Dishonesty takes its toll on me sometimes.

But it will all be over soon. One life has to be more than enough.

The dawn is coming. The shadows will son disappear. I hope it's all worth it. I hope I can beat it.

Mischief... managed?


Fénix dijo…
i don't think a second life is worth it. the pain, the frustration, the stress you have to deal with, it's just too much...i'm not saying you can't manage it, i just don't see the point of it in the long run. i'm sure you can beat he shadows. it's just a matter of whether you want to. we build walls to protect ourselves, but at some point we realise they're not such great help after all. being vulnerable sucks at times, but it's the only way of being real. how can you touch or be touched from inside the shell? and if there's pain outside, you'll heal. there's much more out there too.
(sorry if i missed your point, at least i tried ;)..hug!)
Martín dijo…
Irene: I like what you said and agree wholeheartedly.

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