To whom it may concern

So, there's something I would like to say to you.

I like you. Yep. In fact I really like you. A lot.

You see, my problem is... I seem unable to find you. I have no excuse to see you (not anymore) and I don't have your phone number (not that I would dare call you). And I don't know where I should go in order to accidentally stumble upon you.

So, basically: I'm screwed!

It's kind of frustrating, and most definitely lame.

Therefore, I take advantage of this board to tell you how much I like you, how I daydream of you, and how happy we would be together.

Hope you're paying attention.


Florence dijo…
But Martin, I live in San Isidro. Thought you knew that.

(Though, now that I think about it, I don't think the world can handle this much geekyness)
Martín dijo…
I know... our united geekiness... it would be like an episode of Chuck times 10.

Florence dijo…
Martin, behave! *blushes* Nida comparar nuestra union con Chuck! Más parecido a The Big Bang Theory, tal vez, pero sin rubia tonta.

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